A Cautionary (T)ale. 12

SOBA has been trucking along without my involvement (other than the odd press comment, and buttinski-type annoying input) for nearly a year. It has grown and flourished under a new committee made up of some great people, old hands and newcomers alike. The man with whom all bucks must inevitably […]

A House of Awesome Repute 4

Hamilton lore (such as it is) claims that the old Loaded Hog building on Hood Street used to be a “house of ill repute”, where the ladies of the night plied their trade. Wags often point out that in Hamilton, they must have starved for want of clients given the […]

All the little boxes 3

“I don’t get this campaign. Are we really that interested in beer classification?” — Phil Parkin on CAMRA’s Mild Month (via Twitter). Before people think I have my own little Phil-worship cult going on here, I’d like to point out that while yes, the last post was entirely dedicated to […]

On Tap

Handpump Nothing. Sad panda. Gas Ye Olde Customs and Excise IPA (6.6%) Alt Lang Syne Altbier (5%) In Triplicate Belgian Tripel (9.6%) Fermenting / Conditioning Unnamed Trial NZ Pale Ale (O.G. 1.052)

Beertickers: beyond the ale 3

I came across Phil Parkin on twitter due to a mention from well known author and beer blogger Pete Brown. I followed him, and learned he was making a film on a subject which immediately tickled my fancy. I’ve always been amused and a little intrigued by trainspotters. Trainspotting is […]

Smells like Beervana 2009 2

Beervana! It’s been and gone. What can I say? It was impressive. Alex, Barry, Allan, and myself all piled into a car and road-tripped down to Wellington and the annual party now known as Beervana for a long weekend of beer related fun. Well, and a SOBA AGM, but mostly […]

Maximum Armageddon 4

I know it’s a bit of a silly title for a post, what with Armageddon being an absolute and all. I wanted to get a reference in there to Maximus also though. You’ll see why soon…

Beer as old as I am! 2

For my birthday this year, my long suffering yet beer-friendly wife brought me a beer that was brewed and bottled the same year I was! Or something. Anyway, for those who aren’t aware of such beer-nerdy things, Thomas Hardy’s ale is something of an icon in the world of beer. […]

Ivor the Engine Driver

Saxbys Bar has just had a bit of an upgrade. I bought this on trademe the other day. Wine pump? It’s a beer engine! Still, the seller was great to deal with, I just felt a little bad for him as I’m sure he’d have got triple the price had […]

Fresher, Tastier

I’ve been holding off moving the blog for weeks months years now. I don’t know why. There was sod all worth keeping. Anyway, since I mostly talk about beer, the new blog is very beer oriented. Being heavily associated with SOBA, things I wish to write often get linked to […]