Quite a while back, I spoke to my mate Jono about my impression of the new (to me) East Coast/Vermont/New England IPA (I’m just gonna go with ECIPA from here) phenomenon. I was hugely skeptical. I remain so, but after the recent article in Pursuit of Hoppiness which has me […]

Cloudy as fuck

Delicious bottles of joy.

The Wow Files: Craftwork’s Saison Zest

The Beer: Saison Zest (6.5 or 7% abv depending on whether you believe the website or the bottle) The Venue: Home. Hamilton home. I currently have two homes. It’s complicated! 🙂 The Company: My wife. Alexandra. No Borat impressions were performed. The Conversation: None. Well, not initially. Then I tasted this. Now I can’t […]

Out and About

For a guy who (most of the time) works in IT, I can be a bit of a Luddite. Sure, technology is great when it makes my life easier. Unfortunately, most modern technological trends seem more about wasting time than saving it. Social media, in particular, drives me nuts. Where […]

The Wow Files: Epic Lager 2

The Beer: Epic Lager (5.2% abv) The Venue: The best club in New Zealand – the Ruakura Club. I’d link to the website but I’m just too embarrassed. Google if you must. They are getting a new one soon. The Company: A bunch of reprobates and hardened alcoholics. The usual […]

This Ole House 7

Rumours have been rife that iconic Hamilton craft beer bar House on Hood was for sale for a few months now. I’d shrugged them off, knowing the Phoenix group guys reasonably well, and knowing that they are very savvy business people, and to such people, everything tends to be for […]

Imperial Updates

My friend James used to call me “a walking contradiction”. He is also, in his own way, and perhaps that’s why we get on so well. Anyway, on any given day, I will both love humanity to bits, while ranting incessantly to all who will listen about just how stupid […]

The Wow Files: Kereru Kumara Brown Ale

This is the first in an irregular and hopefully infinite series of short (ish – we’ll see) posts celebrating “wow beers”. I shamelessly nicked the phrase “wow beer” from one of the oldest beer podcasts on the tubes, Craft Beer Radio. I don’t know if they nicked it from someone […]

Kereru Kumara Brown Ale

The Emperor’s New Suds 16

I spend a lot of time promoting positivity around beer. This post will focus on some of the negatives as I see them. Be warned, it’s long. This is written purely with my Drinker hat on, obviously tempered by the fact that I’ve drunk a fair bit of beer in […]

New year, new name, new… no, that’s it.

Well hi! It has been over a year since the last entry here. It’s not really that I’ve been busy, though I have. It’s not that I’ve nothing to say, I have plenty. It’s not that I’m lazy, though I can be. Why is it then? You know, I’m really […]

Of Bottles and Big Sticks 17

Warning: This may be my second fairly libertarian themed post in a row. I’m not certain that two posts, nearly six months apart really count as a row, but there you go. Right, so for the three of you still reading, I’ll get down to brass tacks. There have been […]